What is FinTech and Why Should You Care? Learn how the use of FinTech can Help you Prevent Financial Scams

Fintech is a term we hear a lot today and it’s not just something we can ignore. 

Fintech or financial technology It’s changing the world around us. Fintech has become the go-to solution for the world’s financial institutions. It has broken down boundaries and borders and impacts the way we do business. 

You might not know it, but you already use Fintech. It’s all around us: on our mobile wallets, on our apps, and even on our smartwatches. Fintech is not just about the latest trends. It’s a real revolution in technology. 

With this technological revolution and the emergence of new players in the financial services industry, a new breed of scammers is also emerging. The last thing you want to do is give your hard-earned money to a scammer! 

Fintech helps reduce the possibility of getting a financial scam. How? Read the full article here and find out more about the latest apps and technologies you can use today to protect yourself from these types of scams.

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