Pricing Packages

Welcome to Our Pricing Packages


At Assurance Family Partners, we understand that managing financial affairs can often be complex and time-consuming. Finding the right financial management solution is key to achieving peace of mind and financial success.


That’s why we’ve designed three distinct pricing packages, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients.


Our goal is to ensure that every client, regardless of their specific needs or the complexities of their financial situations, finds a solution that brings peace of mind and clarity to their financial management tasks.

Transparent Pricing, Exceptional Service

We believe in transparency and open communication, especially when it comes to pricing and services. This page details each of our packages, outlining the included features, pricing, and included services.

Our commitment is to provide clear, upfront information, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect—no surprises, just reliable, top-tier service.

Let’s Find the Perfect Fit

We invite you to explore the packages below to determine which aligns best with your needs. We aim to make the selection process as seamless as possible, ensuring that the financial management needs are met with precision and care.

Thank you for considering Assurance Family Partners to support your financial management. We look forward to collaborating with you and contributing to your well-being and success.


Tailored for busy professionals, young couples, and seniors seeking a hassle-free, streamlined approach to their finances. With a focus on simplicity, this package covers convenient online bill payments via specialized software for a single checking account, meticulous expense tracking, management of one debit/credit card, account reconciliation, streamlined paperless cloud filing, and personalized quarterly reports in a digestible format. Gathering tax documents, filling out tax organizers, and communicating at tax time with the client’s CPA.

Services include:
  • Online bill paying using accounting software.
  • Tracking expenses, including those on one (1) debit/credit card.
  • Monthly reconciliation of accounts.
  • Paperless cloud filing.
  • Customized quarterly reporting in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Gathering Tax Documents for CPA, including letters from charitable organizations.
  • Filling out Tax Organizers and communicating at tax time with the client’s tax professional.


Tailored especially for families and individuals with an additional home to manage, this package is the ultimate solution. In addition to the Hassle-Free offering, envision convenient online bill payments via specialized software, meticulous expense tracking (including management of two (2) debit/credit cards), monthly account reconciliations, and hassle-free cloud-based filing. Gathering tax documents, filling out tax organizers, and communicating at tax time with the client’s CPA. But wait, there’s more: skilled negotiation with vendors and tailor-made quarterly reports for a crystal-clear financial overview. Oh, and annual client meetings? Consider them a part of the package—designed to keep your client confidently on top of their financial game!

Services include:
Everything in Hassle-Free Financial Care plus:
  • One (1) additional debit/credit card management.
  • One (1) additional home management.
  • Negotiating with vendors.
  • Annual meetings with our staff.


Tailored for those clients managing multiple properties and navigating a substantial volume of credit/debit card expenditures, our VIP package provides an elevated service tier. Imagine a comprehensive financial management system that includes online bill payments through specialized software, meticulous expense tracking, account reconciliations, secure cloud-based file management, and adept negotiation with vendors. Gathering tax documents, filling out tax organizers, and communicating at tax time with the client’s CPA.

This package offers the pinnacle of service – VIP level. In addition to the comprehensive features, this package also includes seamless household payroll oversight, preparation, and filing of household payroll, property and estimated income taxes, and personalized monthly reporting in an easily understandable format. Quarterly meetings are integrated into this high-tier offering to ensure continuous client engagement. This premium package is designed to provide a sophisticated and comprehensive financial management solution for our esteemed clients.

Services include:
Everything in the Hassle-Free Financial Care and the Seamless Multi-Home Financial Care PLUS:
  • Overseeing household payroll, including working with the client’s payroll service.
  • Preparing and Filing Household Payroll, Property, and Estimated Income Taxes.
  • Quarterly meetings with our staff.

Schedule a no-obligation virtual chat with us today. No pressure, no strings attached—just an opportunity to explore how we can make your financial management hassle-free.