Families & Caregivers
Families & Caregivers

Take the Stress Out of Caring for an Aging Loved One

Take the Stress Out of Caring for an Aging Loved OneAs a family member or caregiver responsible for a senior loved one, we want to make your life easier. Let us handle your loved one’s financial organization and daily money management so you can stop worrying about paper piling up and important follow-ups being forgotten and go back to being a loving son, daughter, friend or professional!

Our mission is to help you and your loved one get – and keep – their financial life in order. We take the stress out of managing your loved one’s paperwork, bills, communications with trusted advisors (accountants, attorneys, financial advisors), and other important details.

Keep Your Loved One Safe and Independent

Consider us a key member of your loved one’s caregiving team, committed to helping them maintain as much independence as possible. The risk of elder financial abuse keeps rising and knowing that your loved one’s financial well-being is in the hands of an accredited professional provides you with peace of mind. From day-to-day spending to paying bills, to reviewing health insurance policies and filing claims, we can provide your loved one with a level of independence they otherwise might not have had.

Trusted and Transparent

Assurance Family Partners will clear the backlog and set up easy-to-follow systems, allowing you to step back in and get up to speed quickly if the need arises. We are advocates for our senior clients. We encourage them to provide us with contact information for family members and professionals, specifying with whom we can share information. That way, we can coordinate our efforts and everyone who needs to know is kept in the loop.

Our daily management and financial organizing services are tailored to each client’s needs and preferred way of doing things. If there are needs beyond our skills and experience, we readily refer clients to a wide range of other trusted service providers. Assurance Family Partner’s daily money management services complement the work of legal, tax, and investment professionals to support clients’ long-term financial goals.

Our services are individualized, non-judgmental, and always confidential.

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