Individuals Going Through Life Transitions
Individuals Going through Life Transitions

Managing Your Money Through a Life Transition

Managing Your Money Through a Life TransitionGet the financial facts you need. It is normal to feel unsure about your ability to manage the financial and emotional aspects of a life transition. Whether you’ve experienced the death of a spouse, are going through a divorce, or experiencing some other life-changing event, you will need financial transparency as you move forward. Many of our clients seek assistance on finances they have never been involved in before. Understandably, concern and confusion about these issues can be paralyzing. We can help you sort through and understand what you have, what you need, and where to find it.

Working closely with you, your attorney, and your wealth advisor we will formulate proactive strategies to help you address your individual situation and achieve your ultimate goals.

Leave the Paperwork to a Daily Money Manager

Maybe you need assistance to keep up with routine paperwork and financial organization during the process. Or, you simply choose not to spend your valuable time and energy balancing the checkbook or dealing with the mail and necessary follow-up. Maybe it’s the insurance policies that need attention. If it’s a divorce, maybe you need assistance preparing financial statements and disclosures. In the uncertainty of a life in transition, leaving these tasks to someone else might be the best decision you ever make.

Know Your Options

When there’s been a big change in your life, it’s important to understand your complete financial picture so you can determine where you choose to  go from here. The time it takes to handle daily money management and financial organization takes you away from the things that matter most during a difficult time, including grieving and planning for the future. Our services complement the work of legal, tax, and investment professionals to support your long-term financial goals and are tailored to your specific needs and preferred ways of doing things so you can navigate your chosen course of action. Having a clear understanding of your financial situation allows you the freedom to explore all your options and create your possibilities.

Face the Future With Confidence

When life throws us a curveball it often brings about a certain amount of chaos during which personal finances are often neglected. During a life transition and beyond, there are decisions to make about household services, insurance, taxes, and estate planning. Would life be easier if you had someone by your side helping you make those decisions? Assurance Family Partners has the experience and expertise to help you get all your ducks in a row and face the future with confidence.


Our services are individualized, non-judgmental, and always confidential.

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