Active Retirees
Active Retirees

Enjoy Life! Leave Your Daily Money Management to Someone Else

Simplify and save time! We know you could manage your own finances, but do you really want to? A Daily Money Manager takes the stress out of managing your day-to-day financial tasks. Our clients value their time and their independence, and turn to us to take daily money management off their hands, including routine tasks such as:

  • Paying bills
  • Reconciling your checkbook
  • Managing day to-day-budgeting
  • and more

Stay Organized

There are so many facets to our overall financial wellbeing and it can be difficult and time-consuming to stay on top of everything. Let us help you organize and maintain your financial papers and systems. Our personalized services are tailored to each client’s needs and preferred way of doing things and include such tasks as:

  • Opening, sorting and following up on mail
  • Reviewing health insurance policies and filing claims
  • Organizing tax documents and more

Prepare for the Future

While you may have handled daily paperwork and some larger financial decisions on your own – or with a trusted friend or family member – life changes as we get older: people get busy, family members move, and priorities shift. Important tasks and decisions may be neglected. Let us help to make sure they are addressed properly and efficiently by:

  • Assisting with estate planning considerations
  • Managing Social Security decisions
  • Identifying and applying for benefits
  • and more

Our services are individualized, non-judgmental, and always confidential.

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