Success Stories
Success Stories

Saving Money in the First 15 Minutes

A recently retired and recently widowed woman in her mid-60s was going through treatment for cancer. She was dealing with the stress and fatigue of her battle with the disease and needed some support for what she could no longer handle on her own. Aside from the disease, the woman has a wonderful and alert mind and is highly capable of managing her finances. When she hired us, we extensively reviewed the bills and noticed a high monthly cable bill. We verified with the client that many of the services being billed were not services she used. Within the span of one 15 minute call, we were able to save over $600 annually going forward, and we negotiated credit for prior services in earlier months.

Safe and Protected at Home

A senior living independently had started to lose the cognitive ability to review the mail and understand the difference between a legitimate bill to be paid and one that could be ignored. It was this senior’s goal to age in place, so the family knew they needed support to make that happen. Her family was getting concerned, but they were not in the immediate area to handle these matters. We would go over twice a month for a brief amount of time to check on her personal well-being, have coffee, share stories, review the mail and prepare her bills for her signature. Wanting to be certain that she felt empowered, the client would help us by addressing and stamping envelopes, marking the bills as paid, and filing the bills away. Acting as her financial advocate, we would routinely address healthcare reimbursement and social security concerns by calling the government agencies and remaining on hold so that she did not become frustrated. She had caregivers that were in the house and could have seen her personal information, so as a way to avoid any issues we took proactive steps to protect her from fraud and abuse. Success in this case was measured by the months and years the client was able to achieve her goal of maintaining independence and aging in place without experiencing physical harm or financial abuse as well as the peace of mind provided to her family.

Bringing Order to Daily Finances for Future Planning

A working family made up of a husband and wife with a very young child had little insight into how much they were earning, regularly spending in various areas, leveraging daily savings into interest-bearing vehicles, and how they would plan for their child’s education. Through the use of detailed tracking of historical income and spend on categories for home and business, we were able to evaluate the household and rental business performances as unique entities. We collaborated on foundational budgeting that drove the rental profit up and became the primary vehicle for the child’s college education. We were able to offer the couple solid recommendations for financial planners we had in our network of relationships. The financial planner was able to look at the work we had done and use that as a starting point for building a solid long-term financial plan, including estate planning, retirement, and insurance to protect the couple and their children from the unexpected. 

Helping Attorneys Help Their Clients

​​We have been able to help several elder law attorneys satisfy their client’s obligations of preparing court financial accountings by delegating that responsibility to Assurance Financial Partners. By partnering with us, it creates the opportunity for the attorneys to spend more of their valuable time lawyering and building their practice instead of detailed administrative work.

The work is completed with a blend of empathy, kindness, organization, attention to detail, and undeniable ethics. This is essential for transitioning wary clients who are reluctant to accept help to those who not only accept and trust Assurance Family Partners, but who also come to rely on us. In addition, we troubleshoot effectively, keeping the financial process for clients running as smoothly as possible, and leveraging excellent professional judgment.

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