Our Process
Our Process

Working With a Daily Money Manager

We work transparently, creating an atmosphere of honesty, openness, and accountability. We understand the assistance we provide around financial organization and tasks will look different for each individual or family and for that reason, we tailor our approach to help only where help is needed. We take the time upfront to understand your unique situation and make sure that our services align with your needs.

Below is an overview of what to expect when you engage with Assurance Family Partners (AFP). Visit our FAQ page  for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our services.

STEP 1: Complimentary Introductory Meeting

We are pleased to provide an initial half-hour consultation with us free of charge. In this phone call or virtual meeting, we will learn more about your situation and any specific concerns or needs you might have. Together, we will determine if we are a good fit, and will tell you honestly if we can help achieve your goals. If we cannot, we will aim to find the right resource that can.

STEP 2: Presentation Of Our Credentials

Next, we will supply any information you might need to assist you in feeling comfortable hiring Assurance Family Partners to simplify your financial life. This includes our W-9 Form, Background Check Certification, Certificates of various Insurances (Professional Liability, General Liability, and Cyber Security), and a Business Bond. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty and want to be sure you are completely confident in our commitment to your, or your loved one’s, financial well-being.

STEP 3: Creating a Tailored Package to Meet Your Needs

Choose from our extensive list of services to craft a package that’s right for you and we will customize a plan to meet your specific goals. Part of each customization includes the following:

  • Identifying which of the services will be performed
  • Identifying what accounts will be in the scope of work
  • Leveraging automation and reporting tools by inputting those accounts into Quicken software. It is not necessary for you to purchase a license to see reports.
  • Looking back a minimum of 3 calendar months at those accounts to review and become familiar with your normal cash flow patterns and bill payment obligations

We can share our knowledge as guides/mentors, allowing you to execute the plan yourself with confidence, or we can take on all or some aspects to grant you the time and freedom for other things.

STEP 4: Letter Of Engagement & Terms of Payment

Once you have chosen to move forward, we will send you a letter of engagement that outlines the expectations from each of us. The letter of engagement includes space to list your specific people that Assurance Family Partners is authorized to speak with and consult about your financial matters. They should include trusted professionals, power of attorney designations, and family member contacts. Payment for our monthly packages is expected in advance, on the first day of the month for which the services are provided, and is due upon receipt of our invoice. Any ad hoc or one-time services will be billed separately. At this point, you will be asked to sign the letter of engagement and may also be asked to provide a retainer that will be applied to your final invoice.

STEP 5: Work Begins

In our initial meeting, we will review all the documents and other information we need to be successful and will arrange a stress-free way for you to share that information with us. Going forward, we will meet as often as you need us, either physically or virtually. Each client has different requirements, and needs tend to change over time and your customized services will be performed on a schedule that is solely guided by your needs.

Some clients require twice monthly assistance in their home to open the mail, maintain filing, assist with bill pay, coordinate phone calls and more. Some delegate the entire bill paying process to us where bills will come to us and we process them on a flow basis. Other clients simply require our help on an ad hoc basis: if there is a life transition we can help by adjusting budgets or reviewing financial paperwork for probate or insurance claims, or assist with decisions such as whether, when and where they can afford to move.

Schedules, plans and programs are completely customizable and can be changed whenever your circumstances change.