Benefits and Services for Active Retirees and Working Seniors

Is the option to use an outside professional to assist or take on your paperwork and financial tasks new to you? Are you hesitant about asking for help doing tasks you’ve always handled yourself?


We understand. If you are like our clients, you value your independence but are also looking for ways to simplify and save time.

Maybe you need assistance to keep up with routine paperwork. Or, you simply choose not to spend your valuable time dealing with mail and the necessary follow up.

Perhaps you or a trusted friend or family member have always been able to handle the daily paperwork and occasional bigger financial decisions. But life changes, people get busy, other priorities take over. These important tasks get neglected. There are decisions to make about household services, insurance, taxes, Social Security, and estate planning. Would life be easier if you had someone by your side helping you make those decisions? Someone with a sense of compassion who won’t pass judgment?

Our daily management and financial organizing services are tailored to each client’s needs and preferred ways of doing things. If there are needs beyond our skills and experience, we readily refer clients to a wide range of other trusted service providers. Assurance Family Partner’s daily money management services complement the work of legal, tax and investment professionals to support clients’ long-term financial goals.


Here is a sampling of the types of services we provide for clients, their families, and/or their trusted advisors. This list of services is a starting point. We help determine which services will fit your needs and customize your personal finance organization and management plans.

Please click on each category to see the services lists:

Money management activities are performed digitally or manually, per your preference.

Review and pay bills. Handling questions with vendors or contesting unclear or incorrect billing and fees.

Monitoring and reconciling financial accounts – Checking, Savings, Credit Cards

• Detect, research, and resolve financial discrepancies

• Aid in preventing fraud and financial abuse Income / Expense Management

• Short- and long-term budgeting

• Personal balance sheets and expense reports

• Personal cash-flow analysis

• Review and rank spending priorities

• Expense tracking

• Identify expense reduction options

• Review employee benefits

Providing reports to clients

Establish auto-pay and direct deposit where appropriate.

Create a bill-paying calendar and lists to identify auto-pays, vendors, contact information, etc. for easy reference.

Keep an eye on home maintenance needs; connect and communicate with service providers and monitor their activity and  invoices.

Managing the finances for multiple residences

Open and sort mail, determine and carry out the appropriate next steps. Correspondence

De-clutter, organize, and create/update filing systems, identifying what to shred or discard (with the guidance of your attorney or CPA, as appropriate).

Locate and organize important documents and key household, financial, and legal information, helping fill in any “gaps” that may exist, for family and fiduciaries.

Coordinate with trusted advisors such as attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, and other professionals and provide them with the information, paperwork and reports they need in their work on behalf of our shared client.

• Organizing tax documents and financial records

• Coordinating charitable contributions and gifts

• Assisting with paperwork to update estate, beneficiary, and gifting plans

Identify and apply for a wide range of benefits (such as property tax exemptions, senior discounts and perks, and unclaimed funds).

Coming Soon – Massachusetts Mobile Notary

Plan and Policy Assessment

• Decipher policies and other documents

• Review existing plans

• Apply for new/additional policies

Interface and Advocate

• Private insurance companies

• Medical billers

Claims Assistance

• Submit and follow-up claims

• Verify and track reimbursements

• Appeal denials

• Manage long-term care and catastrophic insurance claims

Refer/introduce clients to additional services to improve their quality of life and encourage their independence.

• Attorneys

• Investment Advisors

• Financial Planners

• Accountants

• Bankers

• Mortgage Lenders

• Insurance Brokers and Appraisers

• Realtors and Escrow Services

• Professional Organizers

If requested, accompany clients on visits to their trusted advisors (financial planner, attorney, CPA), to take notes and ask  questions on their behalf.

Provide an extra set of eyes to spot and avoid potential problems before they develop.

Provide “boots on the ground” support to family members and fiduciaries.

Facilitate appraisals and sales of valuables, such as artwork, jewelry, and property

Family archives

Events and holiday preparation

Travel preparation

Catalog artwork, antiques, treasures, etc.

Household organization & downsizing

Be prepared for the unexpected by having an experienced financial organizer / daily money manager working for you.

Whether you are still working or a retiree, Assurance Family Partners streamlines and manages your financial affairs. Our services are individualized and confidential.

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Assurance Family Partners follows the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Daily Money Managers

Success Story

A recently retired and recently widowed woman in her mid 60s was going through treatment for cancer. She was dealing with the stress and fatigue of her battle with disease and needed some support for what she could no longer handle on her own. Aside from the disease, the woman has a wonderful and alert mind and is highly capable of managing her finances. When she hired us, we extensively reviewed the bills and noticed a high monthly cable bill. We verified with the client that many of the services being billed were not services she used. Within the span of one 15 minute call, we were able to save over $600 annually going forward, and we negotiated a credit for prior services in earlier months.